Sunday, 22 June 2008

Today's main adventure was creating my own art paper for the first time, thanks to the inspiration of the marvellous ihanna who you should check out right now.

She explains about using crayons to make rubbings onto paper. I tried, using an Indian carved wood table top, plain white paper and one colour. Pretty, but a little boring:

so then I cut paper from a saved Starbucks bag and used pink, red, yellow and gold all together one on top of the other, which I thought was very pretty (and used, torn up into smaller peices, in my art journal) :

Sorry if the pics don't come out too well, like I say I'm very new to all this ;-)... but give it a try. It really does look nice. And of course there's nothing special about the brown paper I used, if anything packing paper might be even nicer because if I remember right it has a slight ribbing pattern in it. Enjoy!


Moonwillow said...

Welcome to blog land! I saw your post in Millandes Group. I love how your paper came out, you have inspired me to try it. I also enjoyed the story of your name. Have fun!

ekajati said...

Thanks Moonwillow! Its so exciting to have a blog ;-) Good luck with the rubbings - I didn't mention the crayon should be used on its side rather than using the point ideally.

Viscountess Sheshire Kitten said...

i also saw your adress in milliande group..... welcome in the blogosphère!!!! i'll take a look tomorrow to see how you made your paper!
good night (time to go to bed in france!!!)

ekajati said...

Merci Vicomtesse ;-)))